Monday, 14 May 2012

More Saucepanman Poetry (From The Enchanted Wood)

"Two beans for a pudding
two cherries for a pie
Two legs for a table
with a hi-diddle hie!"

"Two pigs for the pig sty
Two shoes for the horse
Two hats for the tiger
Pink ones of course!"

"Two tails for a kitten,
Two clouds for the sky,
Two pigeons for Christmas
To make a plum pie!"

"Two mice on a lamp-post,
Two hums in a bee.
Two shoes on a rabbit.

"Two trees in a teapot,
Two spoons in a pie,
Two clocks up the chimney.

"Two boys in the high-road,
Two girls in the street,
Two friends feeling sorry.

"Two roses for Bessie,
Two spankings for Jo,
Two ribbons for Fanny,
With a ho-derry-ho!"

Saucepan man isn't entirely silly, he can write sad poems too... :)

"Two kettles for Silky,
Two saucepans for me,
Two dishes for Moon-Face,
We're sad as can be!"

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