Monday 14 May 2012

Riddle from The Enchanted Wood

"Answer this question!!", shouted Moonface,

"If five people, seven hens, one white goat, and a clock go up in an airplane, write down how many times Dame Snap will have shouted at them by the time they get home?!!"

Image ctsy. PLODIT

More Saucepanman Poetry (From The Enchanted Wood)

"Two beans for a pudding
two cherries for a pie
Two legs for a table
with a hi-diddle hie!"

"Two pigs for the pig sty
Two shoes for the horse
Two hats for the tiger
Pink ones of course!"

"Two tails for a kitten,
Two clouds for the sky,
Two pigeons for Christmas
To make a plum pie!"

"Two mice on a lamp-post,
Two hums in a bee.
Two shoes on a rabbit.

"Two trees in a teapot,
Two spoons in a pie,
Two clocks up the chimney.

"Two boys in the high-road,
Two girls in the street,
Two friends feeling sorry.

"Two roses for Bessie,
Two spankings for Jo,
Two ribbons for Fanny,
With a ho-derry-ho!"

Saucepan man isn't entirely silly, he can write sad poems too... :)

"Two kettles for Silky,
Two saucepans for me,
Two dishes for Moon-Face,
We're sad as can be!"